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100 Club Draw Results

posted Nov 13, 2009, 4:16 PM by Tessa Hughes   [ updated Apr 3, 2019, 6:25 AM ]
Well done to the winners ( which I will add were chosen completely at random from the 100 club draw box!!)
and thank you for your support in entering and supporting Nailsea Ladies Hockey. 

 Date 1st Prize (£30)  2nd Prize (£10) 3rd Prize (£5) XMAS BONUS (£50)
 March 2019 Janice Warren Leah Buck Tracy Williams n/a
 February 2019 John Thomas Olivia Turner     Grant Ashley n/a
 January 2019 Sam ChidzeyMatt Cheesborough  Matt Hole  n/a
 December 2018 Zoe Roberts Chloe Smith Chloe Smith Scott Fisher
 November 2018 Chris Clarke Jacky Millar Tony Billington n/a
 October 2018 Sue MurrayMary Jaggard Jackie Dudbridge n/a 
 September 2018 Sarah BillingtonGuy Turner Chloe Smith n/a 
 August 2018         Sandra Evans Rachel Clarke Alan Hooley n/a
 May 2018 Ann Clarke (Hannah) Tony Warren Dave Evansn/a 
 April 2018 Paul WestgateHannah BarrettMary Jaggard n/a 
 February 2018Gemma (Maz) Linda Turner Gav Hughes n/a
 January 2018 Sam Chidzey Tracey CornerCath Hole  n/a
 December 2017    Sue Ivens Dom Broderick Lisa Freeman Juliet Turner 
 November 2017Tracey Williams Zoe Buck Midge Sampson n/a 
 October 2017Jane Watts Carey Barrett Penny Mannings n/a 
 September 2017Sam Chidzey Sarah Edwards Kim Crimmons n/a 
 August 2017Tessa Hughes Sue Westgate Tracy Williams n/a 
 June 2017 Christine ChurchwardMadeleine BashforthGill Atkinson n/a
 May 2017 Juliet TurnerJames Harrington Madeleine Bashforth  n/a
 April 2017 Jakob Hole  Alan HooleyKev Buck n/a
 March 2017 Jeima HealChris Robinson James Warrenn/a
 February 2017 Zoe Buck Valerie Fielder Hannah Barrettn/a
 January 2017 Molly ChidzeyTracy WilliamsJulie Greenn/a
 December 2016 Mike CraigMidge SampsonMary JaggardAlan Garrett
 November 2016 Sue Ivens Jamie Harrington Sue Murray n/a
 October 2016 Ann Marsh Linda Turner Juliet Turner n/a 
 September 2016 Peter Watts Ange Dace Tony Warren n/a 
 August 2016 Eileen JamesJulie Green Paul Westgate n/a 
 June 2016 Terry HolleyDave Evans Gee Corner n/a
 May 2016 Paul WestgateMaisy Hole Iain Henderson n/a
 April 2016 Helen Billington Sarah Garrett Jacky Millar n/a
 March 2016 Matty Hill Matt Hole Chris Robinson         n/a 
 February 2016 Molly ChidzeyShirley Matthews Evie Mannings n/a
 January 2016 Georgie Corner Jane Watts Tracy Williams n/a
 December 2015 Alice Keyworth         Alan Hooley Pippa Mannings Dan Pople 
 November 2015 Gavin Hughes Zoe Roberts Emma Hill n/a
 October 2015 Valerie FielderChris Clarke Adrian Garrettn/a
 September 2015 Kerry WestgateTessa Hughes Kyran Garrett n/a 
 August 2015 Juliet TurnerPat BillingtonAbi Shorney n/a
 July 2015 Sue MurrayMike Craig Chris Geesonn/a 
 June 2015 Sarah BillingtonPat Harding Alice Keyworth n/a 
 May 2015 Marie SampsonMary Jaggard Alan Garrett n/a 
 April 2015 Ann MarshGavin Hughes Jacky Millar n/a 
 March 2015 Mike CraigPeter Watts Saskia Lawrence n/a 
 February 2015 Pat Billington Jayne Craig (for girls)Alan Hooley n/a 
 January 2015 Paul WestgateJakob Hole Jackie Dudbridge  n/a
 December 2014Norman LawrenceAbi Shorney Ann Marsh Gill Atkinson
 November 2014Cath HoleToby BakerLily Hughesn/a
 October 2014Abi Shorney     Peter Watts Harry Nielln/a
 September 2014Tessa HughesSteve Harvey Jon Hill n/a 
 August 2014Ann Marsh Richard Lancaster Maureen Garrett n/a 
 July 2014Eileen JonesCath HoleAlice Keyworthn/a
 June 2014Marilyn GarrettJayne Craig Joyce Hooleyn/a
 May 2014Ann MarshChloe Turner Laura Turnern/a 
 April 2014Alexandra SermonHelen Billington Marie Sampson n/a 
 March 2014Adrian GarrettKim Thomas Sara Garrett  n/a
 February 2014Penny Mannings Tony BrownGina Provis n/a
 January 2014Rachel Yeo Kyran Garrett Andy Webb  n/a 
 December 2013Marie Sampson Joseph Sermon Ellie Hield Mary Jaggard 
 November 2013Jo FornearHelen Billington Mary Jaggard  n/a
 October 2013Sue IvensKyran GarrettStuart Sermon n/a
 September 2013Tony BillingtonNorman LawrenceMadeleine Bashforth n/a
 AugustRachel ClarkeEllie HieldMarilyn Garret n/a
 July 2013Christine ChurchwardLily Hughes(Rich Lancaster)Rita Neate n/a
 June 2013Izzy Mason(Rich Lancaster)Jackie LawrenceTracey Corner n/a
 May 2013Jackie DudbridgeMandy YeoAnn Marsh n/a
 April 2013Abi ShorneyGill AtkinsonEllie Hield n/a
 March 2013Chloe TurnerGill TrigolRita Neate n/a
 February 2013Mike CraigOlivia TurnerSue Ivens n/a
 January 2013Simon GarrettJen Atherton Josh Vickery  n/a
 December 2012Marie Sampson Jayne Craig (3 girls)Marilyn Garrett (Kyran)  Stuart Sermon
 November 2012Ann MarshJoyce Hooley Tony Brown  n/a 
 October 2012Adrian Garrett Eileen JonesPenny Mannings n/a
 September 2012    Mandy YeoJackie DudbridgeValerie Cammidge n/a
 August 2012Marie Sampson Zoe Roberts Jayne Churchward  n/a 
 July 2012Sue Ivens     Andy Webb     Helen Harrington  n/a 
 June 2012     Lisa Freeman  Sandra Evans  Danni Douel   n/a 
 May 2012     Sandra Evans Toby Baker Juliet Turner (Olivia)  n/a
 April 2012         Carly Brian  Jackie Lawrence (Toby)  Tracey Brake   n/a 
 March 2012 Jacky Millar  Sarah Billington  Jayne Craig (on behalf of nieces)   n/a
 February 2012 Cath Hole Debbie Clavey          Jayne Craig   n/a
 January 2012 James Jenkins Anita Keyworth Tony Brown   n/a
 December 2011 Libby Hill (Annie) Sue Ivens  Chris Robinson   Danni Douel
 November 2011 Mrs Hield (Ellie) Matt Hole Paul Westgate (Kerry)   n/a
 October 2011 Jane Watts Samuel Harrington Rose Lancaster   n/a
 September 2011 Jo Fornear Tracey Brake Nikki McMahon  n/a
 August 2011 Josh Vickery Alan Hooley Adrian Garrett   n/a
 July 2011 Lisa Freeman Tony Brown Mandy Yeo   n/a
 June 2011 Sarah Billington Pat Billington Rachel Hooley  n/a
 May 2011 Alan Hooley Richard Lancaster Jon Shorney   n/a
 April 2011      
 March 2011 Pat Billington  Robin Mildon  Rita Neate   n/a
 February 2011 Ali Hill Tess Hughes Cath Hole (Jakob)  n/a
 January 2011 Steve Harvey Richard Lancaster (Lily Hughes)  Sara Kimmins  n/a
 December 2010 Gill Triggol  Mandy Yeo Gina Provis  Kevin Mildon
 November 2010 Darren Stone John Churchward Ashley James   n/a
 October 2010 Marilyn Garrett Pat Harding Jamie Harrington (donated to club)  n/a
 September 2010  Alan Garrett Jane Watts  Julie Bennett   n/a