Fixtures & Results 2012/13

 DateTimeHome Team Score (H-A)Away Team Venue  MOM
  1st September   2.30pm   Club Day    Nailsea School 
  8th September 2.30pm  Nailsea 0-0 Westberries 3 Nailsea School Holly M
 15th September 1.00pm  Nailsea CANCELLED Old Bristolians Nailsea School 
  22nd September    Somerset Gryphons

 Lost 2-1 (Jess A)

 Nailsea Clevedon School Jackie L and Nat P
  29th September    Mendip 2 Lost 5-3 (Ali, Ellie (2))  Nailsea     Norton Hill School Laura T 
  6th October  2.30pm   Nailsea  Won 4-0 (Madeleine, Jess, Jackie (2))   North Somerset   Nailsea SchoolJess C
  13th October  12.30pm   Frys 2 Won 0-3 (Helen, Madeleine, Rachel)  Nailsea   Rachel H
  20th October   2.30pm  Nailsea    Won 2-1 (Ali (2))  Somerset Gryphs 2   Nailsea SchoolRachel H
  27th October   Redland  Nailsea  UWE (note: mixed 1st and 2nd fixture)
  3rd November   2.30pm  Mid Somerset  Won 0-1 (Ellie H)  Nailsea   Wells Blue SchoolJayne C 
  10th November   2.30pm  Nailsea Won 2-0  Lodway   Nailsea School 
  17th November   Old Bristolians  Lost 2-1 (Rachel H)  Nailsea  The Stirrat PitchAlice K
  24th November   2.30pm  Nailsea Won 4-0 (Jess A, Ali H (3))  Frys   Nailsea SchoolAli H and Rachel H
  1st December   9am  Firebrands 4 Won 5-0 (Jess C (2), Ali H (2), Jess A)  Nailsea  Failand Jess C
  12th January   2.30pm  Nailsea Won 1-0 (Madeleine)  Mendip 2  Nailsea SchoolJackie L
  19th January   2.30pm  North Somerset POSTPONED  Nailsea  Gordano School 
  26th January   2.30pm   Nailsea Won 6-1   Nailsea School 
  2nd February  1.30pm  Somerset Gryphs 2 Lost 7-0  Nailsea   Clevedon School 
  9th February  North Somerset Lost 5-4 Nailsea Gordano School 
  16th February   No game    
  23rd February   11.30am  Lodway Drew 2-2 (Alex M, Laura T)  Nailsea  Gordano SchoolJackie L and Tessa H
  2nd March  2.30pm  Nailsea Won 2-0 (Abi, Ali)  Old Bristolians 2  Nailsea School  Abi S
  9th March  11am  Frys Lost 3-0  Nailsea  Wellsway School 
  16th March  2.30pm  Nailsea Won 5-0 (Ali H (2), Laura (2), Ellie)  Firebrands 4  Nailsea School  Laura T
  23rd March  2.30pm  Nailsea 2-2 (Abi)  Mid Somerset  Nailsea School  Tessa H
  30th March     No game