Match Reports 2016/17

11th March 2017

Bridgwater V Nailsea 1st Team

Final score: Lost 5-2. MOM: Madeline Bashforth. Scorers: Charlie Hogg (2)

Nailsea started off strong in this match away to Bridgwater. Gee Corner, Harriet Green and Tessa Hughes dominated in the centre, playing the ball around well. A break up front by Cath Hole and Abi Shorney resulted in an early goal for Nailsea after Charlie Hogg flicked the ball past the keeper to find the net.

Despite Nailsea’s work rate, the strong Bridgwater side went 2-1 up at the end of the first half. Madeline Bashforth, Nailsea's player of the match, produced some excellent runs down the wing and struck some solid hits that were skilfully picked up by Abi and Cath.

Bridgwater were soon awarded a string of short corners, but tireless defending by Jasmine Wood, Zoe Buck and Chloe Taylor made it hard work for the opposition. Jen Roach continued to excel in goal, making some crucial saves that kept Nailsea in the game.

After some close attempts and a short corner for the away side, an excellent slipped ball by Cath was converted by Charlie to make the final score 5-2.

4th March 2017

Nailsea 1st Team V Winscombe

Final score: Lost 1-7. MOM: Tessa Hughes. Scorers: Cath Hole

Both teams started strong, with some exciting end to end play. 

Winscombe's attacks were stopped by some excellent defending by Zoe, Molly, Chloe and Jen in goal. It continued to be quite an evenly matched game with some lovely play down the wings by Cat and Charlie until Winscombe broke through and scored a couple of goals in quick succession. 

Nailsea kept their heads up with some strong attacking by Abi and Cath - putting pressure on Winscombe. This resulted in a goal by Cath from a fantastic pass into the D by Gee. After the break, Winscombe came out wanting more goals. They attacked hard and won themselves a number of short corners. The defense held out a little - but Winscombe found the net a couple more times. Great play and hard work by Harriet, Gee and player of the match Tessa in the centre - but Winscombe's attacks were successful and the game ended with a score line that didn't reflect the match. 

25th Feb 2017

ISCA V Nailsea 1st Team

Final score: Lost 6-0. MOM: Helen Harrington. Scorers: n/a

This was a clash between a top end team and Nailsea sitting at the bottom. Despite the 6-0 defeat Nailsea battled hard throughout and were not without chances. Nailsea passed the ball well, successfully playing around the opposition to gain ground. They did, however, find themselves having to defend numerous penalty corners.

Nailsea came out stronger in the second half, but the home side played to their high table standard, with strong attacking set plays and consistently fierce strikes at goal. The Nailsea defence worked tirelessly alongside keeper Jen Roach and midfielders Gee Corner and Helen Harrington supported at both ends. Gee’s work rate did not drop throughout despite the general fatigue towards the end. Helen picked up Player of the Match for her superb effort and tenacity.  A good team effort with a disappointing score sheet.

Nailsea 2nd Team V Mendip

Final score: Won 2-0. MOM: Hannah Clark. Scorers: Sammi Green, Hannah Clark

Unfortunately not a game to enthrall the spectators. Both teams had good chances throughout the match and the main difference between the two sides was Nailsea converted two of theirs and Mendip were unable to finish. That said, the home defence were solid and strong with Carey Barrett defusing several good attempts, and keeper Alanis Thomas, in her first game back after time out with a shoulder injury, stood solid and determined. A Mendip penalty corner was defended well and quickly overturned leaving Mendip chasing back, whilst Danni Doule and Sammi Green with space to be creative left Sammi to put Nailsea ahead.

Nailsea stepped up a little in the second half with more movement and quicker passing. Danni and Sammi continued to tantalise the defence whilst, despite great positioning by Eleanor Hobbs and Alice Hill they were both unlucky not to get on the score sheet. Centre midfielder Lucy Crimmon looks more and more comfortable in her new role, spreading the ball and pushing the attack forward. Player of the Match, however went to left midfield Hannah Clark, who battled hard throughout, dropping back to assist the defence and pushing up to support the attack at every opportunity. Her work rate and determination ultimately and deservedly resulted in being on hand to slot in goal number two.

11th Feb 2017

Nailsea 1st Team V Clifton

Final score: Drew 1-1. MOM: Gee Corner. Scorers: Charlie Hogg

With improved performances over recent matches Nailsea started this match with confidence, playing strong quick passes and threatening the Clifton defence immediately. For much of the game it was end to end but Nailsea kept up the fast pace set by the youthful Clifton side. Nailsea kept to their own game plan and continued looking dangerous in attack. Reward came midway through the half, when a shot on goal was saved by the keeper but the rebound fell to Charlie Hogg who was quick to convert by lifting over the keeper. Clifton kept forcing the pace but the home side midfield of Rachel Clarke, Gee Corner and Helen Harrington worked tirelessly to keep control.


Nailsea were in good spirits coming out a goal up for the second half and were determined to protect their lead. Clifton were not about to give up though and kept Nailsea on the run. The determined midfield chased and intercepted and for her efforts Gee Corner took ‘player of the match’. Meantime Nailseas’ defence had to absorb renewed Clifton pressure. Keeper Jen Roach was called upon to make several good saves whilst the defence fought to contain the desperate Clifton side. Towards the end of the half Clifton forced a run of six penalty corners, all of which Nailsea were unable to cleanly clear. On the seventh attempt a defended ball fell kindly to a Clifton player who clinically hit home to level the score.


With five minutes left to play both sides were keen to get a win from this match. It was Nailsea, however, who had the best chance, when a quick free hit found Ali Davis in the D and striking for goal only to watch it go narrowly wide.


A great team performance and team spirit showed Nailsea at their best, belying their position in the table.

4th Feb 2017

Nailsea 1st Team V Weston Final score: Lost 1-2. MOM: Tessa Hughes. Scorers: Charlie Hogg

Nailsea started out strong against Weston. Despite Nailsea's defence and keeper Jen Roach making every effort to prevent Weston scoring, unfortunately Weston went 1-0 up in the first half.

In the second half Nailsea battled hard and man of the match Tessa Hughes made some excellent tackles to prevent Weston from being able to get into the D. A great ball into the D from Gee Corner allowed Abi Shorney to have a strike at goal which was slightly going wide, however Charlie Hogg was able to get onto the post and make the score even. Nailsea worked well together and made strong tackles but unfortunately Weston managed to get a second goal which meant that they won the game 2-1.

28th Jan 2017

Firebrands V Nailsea 1st Team

Final score: Drew 0-0. MOM: Jen Roach. Scorers: n/a

After having the last 2 Games postponed due to bad weather, this was Nailsea's 1st game back after the festive break, against firebrands. Dodging the rain and in full sunshine the game got underway. Nailsea were off to a good start with most of the play, passing the ball around at their own pace, and making firebrands work hard. However It wasn't soon before the opposition found themselves in Nailsea's half and we're awarded a short corner, to which defender Zoe Buck stopped beautifully on the the goalline. Firebrands made several other attacks during the first half, however Nailsea's defence including Molly Chidzey and Jasmine Wood stood strong to keep the opposition out.

Half time score 0-0.

Nailsea came out strong in the second half, working the ball through to the midfield and up to the forwards, who managed a couple of attempts on goal and Cath Hole narrowly missing one by an inch. Firebrands pressed again shot after shot, with GK Jen Roach working hard to keep them out, which ultimately earned her 'player of the match' status. Once again Nailsea's defence lined up for a firebrands short corner, with a cracking shot on goal Tessa Hughes batted down the ball from mid-air denying firebrands yet again from a goal. The game ended a well deserved 0-0.

19th Nov 2016

Taw Valley V Nailsea 1st Team

Final score: Lost 8-0. MOM: Chloe Turner. Scorers: n/a

Through rain, wind and even snow, Nailsea 1s made their first trip down to Barnstaple to take on Taw Valley. Nailsea were off to a great start, with pressure from the attacking Taw Valley, injured Cath Hole, standing in as goal keeper, made some great saves, however the opposition were persistent and the first half closed 3-0 to the Devon side. Nearly half of the Nailsea players had stepped up from the 2s, one of those being Chloe Turner, who battled hard to earn her to 'player of the match' status. The second half came and went, and Taw Valley proved difficult to stop, despite some great efforts from Nailsea's defence, the game finished 8-0 to the home team.

22nd Oct 2016

Nailsea 1st Team V ISCA

Final score: Lost 0-4. MOM: Amy Sykes. Scorers: n/a

Nailsea settled into the game quickly after calming some morning nerves. Midfield, defence and goalie worked tirelessly to keep the score line 0-0 and a break up into the forwards from a early ball sent by Tessa applied some pressure to the away teams defence.

A break down the right side left Amy (goalie) in a one of one situation with a skilled and controlled forward, who was able to slot home the 1st goal.

Further strikes at goal were defended well and cleared.

Strong stike from top right of the D found the back board and a slip on pitch from Zoe allowed ISCA to get their 3rd.

Nailsea continued to apply pressure in the 2nd half and were determined to create opportunities. Cath, Abi and Jo breaking through to apply pressure saw some near misses.

Counter attack from ISCA scoring their 4th.

Further points -
- Nailsea never gave up.
- ISCA did not score from any penalty corners.
- Amy's first game for 1s. 9 votes for MOM
- Abi dropping her stick on a break. 

15th Oct 2016

Weston-Super-Mare 1st Team V Nailsea 1st Team

Final score: Lost 9-3. MOM: Gee Corner. Scorers: Cath Hole, Helen Harrington and Gee Corner

On a lovely sunny day Nailsea started strongly. Going down 1-0 initially but then fighting back to 3-2 at halftime time.
Cath Hole scored first followed by Helen Harrington and then Gee Corner.
After the half time break Nailsea lost their way slightly. Weston kept the pressure up and scored 7 goals in the second half.
The game ended 9-3.
Player of the game was Gee Corner who relentlessly battled throughout the whole game.

8th Oct 2016

Nailsea 1st Team V Firebrands 

Final score: Lost 2-6. MOM: Charlie Hogg. Scorers: Jen Roach and Helen Harrington

Gearing up for the third match of the season, Nailsea were motivated to gain their first win and they got off to a very impressive start. There was great sideline support from Nailsea’s coach Ben, who encouraged players to pass quickly and keep the ball moving. The reinforcement from the sidelines facilitated Nailsea players to gain a firm hold over Firebrands and keep majority of the possesion. Charlie, Nailsea’s man of the match showed off her excellent skills and quick thinking to push through Firebrand’s defence and deservingly, Jen Roach scored a lovely goal towards the end of the first half followed not long after by Helen Harrington who slotted in Nailsea’s second goal. Nailsea continued to fight tirelessly, however Firebrands first goal sneaked in to finish at half time with a 2 – 1 scoreline. Firebrands came back with a vengeance in the second half and quickly began to take control of play. Unfortunately Nailsea’s heads went down, tiredness crept in and possesion passed over to Firebrands. Despite some fantatastic saves from Nailsea’s keeper, Claire, a further five goals were conceded in the back of Nailsea’s net, to finish at full time 2-6.

1st Oct 2016

Nailsea 1st Team V Taunton

Final score: Lost 0-10. MOM: Tessa Hughes. Scorers: n/a

Nailsea came out positive and had some good play using quick passing to create some play in our attacking D but Taunton were out strong resulting in a 3-0 defeat at half time.

The tough second half had Nailsea defenders working hard with man of the match Tess Hughes making some important clearances. Claire saved many goals but Taunton were too strong this time resulting in a 10-0 loss.

17th Sept 2016

Nailsea 1st Team V Westberries 3rds (Friendly)

Final Score: Lost 1-3. Scorer: Jen Roach

Nailsea started their season with friendly matches of mixed fortunes. The 1st XI lost to Westberries after relinquishing what looked to be a strong hold at 1 – 0 only to finish 1 – 3 when Westberries scored two goals in quick succession and then a third near the end. This was no reflection on the Keeper Clare Fellender-Evans, who was making her first appearance after several year’s absence. The goal scorer was Captain Jen Roach, they had several more chances but did not convert and looked tired and lost structure letting Westberries into the game in the second half.

Nailsea 2nd Team V Knowle 2nds (Friendly)

Final Score: Won 9-0. MOM: Katie Matthews. Scorers: Harriet Green and Bernie Forge 3, Katie Matthews, Tracey Brake & Lucy Crimmon 1 each

The 2nd XI farer better, though their opposition, Knowle failed to field a Goal Keeper. Using a good mix of experienced, young and new players Nailsea settled well and the youngsters integrated well. With good instruction and encouragement Nailsea developed a secure structure and the goals were well worked and cleanly taken.  April White and Abi Collis, playing in their first senior match, slotted in well and gave a good account of themselves. Lucy Crimmon only played a few games towards the end of last season and firmly put her name on the list of scorers to start her season. The scorers in this 9-0 win were Harriet Green and Bernie Forge 3, Katie Matthews, Tracey Brake and Lucy Crimmon 1 each. Player of the match was play maker Katie Matthews.